Not All Burgers Are Created the Same

Craving an amazing burger? Look no further. Ono’s Burger Bar offers a great selection of premium quality free-range burgers with garlic fries or house-made onion rings. Our burgers come with 4oz wagyu ground beef patties on a brioche bun for the ultimate burger bliss! If you love burgers, this is now your favorite spot.


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Mon - Sun... 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM See Burgers & Sandwiches Menu

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What's in a Burger?

With Ono's, the answer is simple. Nothing but the freshest, all-natural local ingredients – Wagyu ground beef, local lamb, organic chicken, Two Lady Pig Farmers’ pork, and our own vegetarian burger. Buns from Bakery, of course!



Served with lettuce, tomato, and sweet onions on a brioche bun with fries. Upgrade your fries to Toga Fries (+$2) or Onion Rings (+$3).
Ono Beef Burger  |  9
4oz wagyu beef patty, Cheddar cheese, Hawaiian Island dressing
Teri Burger  |  10
4oz wagyu beef patty, Teriyaki sauce, Swiss cheese
Ube Black Bean Burger |  12
Sweet potato, brown rice, sriracha aioli
Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich |  13
5oz chicken breast, Swiss cheese, ranch dressing, Cajun spices
Teriyaki Beef Sandwich |  13
Shaved prime rib, swiss cheese, grilled onion, mayonnaise
Beef Brisket Sandwich |  14
Guava wood smoked brisket, grilled onion, bbq sauce  

Top Um Off

Customize your burger with these Ono toppings:
Pork Belly  |  3
Bacon  |  3
Fried Egg  |  2
Avocado  |  2
Mushroom  |  2
Bleu Cheese  |  3

Ono's Sides

French Fries  |  4
Toga Fries  |  5 
Garlic and Togarashi
Onion Rings  |  6


Crispy Chicken Tenders | 12
French fries, ranch dressing


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